Premium Tea 2pack Set ( Pear-Bellflower tea & Pea-barley tea)

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Made in Korea

Grains from Korea

30bags / pack

- Good for Kids Drink

- Saponin, which is abundant in bellflower roots, plays an excellent role in removing inflammation, removes phlegm, stops coughing, and is effective in bronchial and lung health.

- Bellflower root helps protect the stomach and is good for relieving hangovers due to its ingredients that help quickly release acetaldehyde, the cause of hangovers.

- Made of premium filter paper tea bags without staples for a fresher and flavorful brew. Packaged in an easy and convenient single tea bags individually wrapped.

- Ingredient

Pear-Bellflower tea 

Bellflower, Pear, luffa, Cucumber, and Barley

Pea-barley tea

Pea, Barley